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All  you need is a valid library card and you have 24/7 access to thousands of free digital ebooks, audio books, movies, TV shows and music.

(And you never need to worry about overdue fines, or even if the library is open.)

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New Features in the Library Catalog
If you use our digital library you'll be happy to learn that you can now search, download, return early, and view your digital library checkouts right from our regular library catalog.  The Digital Library collection can now be viewed and searched right along with our physical books, music CDs and DVDs. Patrons can now search and find digital content like e-books, digital audio, and streaming video right from the library catalog -- no need to go to a different site. You can even choose just to search the traditional catalog or the digital catalog only.  If you are new to digital content, give it a try, you might just find something you didn't know you wanted!
Use the search box above or click on the "catalog" link to go right to our online catalog.
***ATTN KINDLE FIRE USERS:  The OverDrive app is no longer being supported on 1st generation Kindle Fires.  This means patrons will get an error when they try to open the app, it is no longer in the Kindle Store, and they are not able to listen or read any titles they downloaded to the app.  Additionally, patrons will get an error message when they attempt to visit the Ohio Digital Library website on their Kindle’s browser.