Memorial Donations


Memorials are an important part of our mission of service at the Williams County Public Library. The deep meaning and wonderful gesture associated with memorials and gifts must be held in high regard. The Director or Branch Manager will work closely with those wishing to place materials in memorial. The following procedures will be followed when accepting and processing memorial materials.

Memorial materials are subject to the same weeding criteria as used for all other library materials. However, if an item is removed due to damage, wear, or age, the donor will be notified when possible and a new item may be chosen for its replacement.

  1. Completion of the Memorials and Gifts form. (give to Director)
  2. Selection of item by the Director based on the wishes of the donor.
  3. Materials ordered, processed, and returned to Director.
  4. Thank you sent by the Director identifying selection, information filed in memorial/Gift file.


Staff should refer monetary memorials to the Director, Assistant Director, or Branch Manager when at all possible, who will contact the person wishing to give memorial funds.

If the Director or Assistant Director/Branch Manager is unable to speak directly with the donor, staff should have them complete the memorials and Gifts form and submit it to the Director, who will then contact the donor.


Approved: April 15, 2002

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