Letter from the WCPL Director, Jeff Yahraus

Dear Williams County residents:

The Williams County Public Library has always had the best interest of our communities at heart, and we have always taken pride in being one of the best library systems in Ohio, with the best employees.

Recently we agreed to pass out In-Home Covid tests as part of the Ohio Department of Health’s effort to get tests in the hands of our fellow citizens.We agreed to do this as a free service without any benefit to the library.

Since late November, we have handed out over 4500 tests and will continue to hand them out as they become available.

The process of handing out these tests has been fraught with many issues, namely the inconsiderate, disdainful and harassing treatment of the library staff. While many people are kind and appreciative, far more are nasty and unleash their anger on those who only wish to help. As with all in our society today, these employees are under tremendous stress. Not only must they deal with COVID affecting their lives and families while working in a public setting, they now have to deal with angry people calling them names, flipping them off, screaming at them, treating them with disdain and myriad other indignities while handing out these FREE tests.

I realize this is a stressful time, but I am asking everyone to remember the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

I am so very proud of our library staff – they are truly our greatest asset.


Jeff Yahraus, Director