Home Energy Monitors Now Available

Picture of a Kill a Watt DeviceHow much electricity is being used by your appliances? Would you like to find out? 

Being aware of your energy usage could help you learn how to cut back on it and save you money.  North Western Electric, headquartered in Bryan, is partnering with Williams County Public Library with locations in Bryan, Edgerton, Edon, Pioneer, Stryker, and West Unity to offer the Kill A Watt EZ Loan Program to their patrons. The program allows borrowers to check out the Kill A Watt EZ Monitor in the same way they would borrow a book or a DVD. Patrons need not be North Western Electric Co-op members to borrow the monitor from the library, but they must have a library card to check out the device.

What is it?

The Kill A Watt EZ is an electricity monitoring device designed to easily measure how much electricity is being used by your plug-in appliances at home and work and the cost to use it. Most home electronics - which now constitute up to a third of a home's energy use - continue to draw power even when they are "off."  Find out how much money you can save in your electricity bills by turning them off and being smarter in your home energy management. Understanding energy use is the first step to reducing it. Saving energy helps everyone.

How do I borrow a Kill A Watt Device?

If interested, patrons need to ask about borrowing a monitor at the library circulation desk. The monitors can not be reserved through the library‚Äôs online catalog.  Monitors are available at all of our locations and can be checked out for 28 days. The monitors are also available directly from North Western Electric, but only to those who are members of the co-op. For those who check out the monitor, a form is available online at the North Western Electric website at http://www.nwec.com/content/your-home-kill-watt-usage-monitor to help track usage of electricity to see if an appliance needs to be replaced.