Fines and Fees for Services

Fines and fees for services

Board Policy:

The Williams County Public Library will not charge overdue fines for borrowers. Lost or items damaged beyond repair will be charged to borrowers.  The library will also charge nominal fees for some other services.

Administrative Procedure:


  • Photo Copies (copy machine, microfilm, computer printouts)  DO NOT CHARGE for copying Driver's Licenses

               $.15 per copy (double sided = 2 copies)

  • Fax machine – to send & to receive fax 

               $1.00 first page $.15 each additional page


  • Maximum charge is the cost of the item, a processing fee of $2.00 and any fines accumulated.
  • Fees exceeding $1.00 must be paid before other library items are checked out.
  • Borrower's with fees over $25.00 will be turned over to a material recovery service and charged an additional $10.00.


Approved October 18, 2021