Collection Development

Mission Statement: The Williams County Public Library exists to enhance and enrich the lives of all citizens of the county through accessible and broad information services.

Materials Selection

Materials selection is done by professional staff who are qualified by education or training. The aim is to maintain a well-balanced, vital collection, useful to the community as a whole.  Achievement of this aim requires an ongoing process of examination, evaluation, and the use of professional reviews.  Factors affecting materials selection are availability of funds, space, the continuous publication of new titles, and the need to weed collections of out-dated and worn materials.

Final responsibility for selection rests with the Library Director, who administers the library under the authority of the Board of Trustees.  Suggestions for purchase are very welcome from the general public and the staff, and are given serious consideration. 


General Selection Criteria

All acquisitions, whether purchased or donated, are considered in terms of the following criteria:


1. Competence and reputation of author and/or publisher.

2. Attention of critics and reviews.

3. Availability elsewhere.

4. Relationship to existing collection and other media in the same subject field.

5. Suitability of subject and method of presentation for intended audience.

6. Qualities conducive to critical thought and understanding.

7. Timeliness and importance for contemporary society.

8. Importance as a document of the times.

9. Relevance to present and projected community needs and demands.

10. Suitability of physical format for library purposes.


Removal of materials shall be done by or under the supervision of the Director, Assistant Director, or Manager.  All weeded material shall be previewed by the Director before final withdrawal from the collection.  Criteria for weeding shall be as follows:


  • Material which is outdated due to content, format, or usefulness.
  • Material which is damaged or badly worn by age or general use.
  • Material of which multiple copies are owned and circulation no longer warrants more than one copy in good condition. Weeded materials may be sold at book sales. All gifts and donations are subject to the same weeding criteria as purchased materials.  


Approved: October 19, 2020