Materials Donation

Donations of books or other materials will be accepted when space allows. Books donated to the Library will be processed and placed on the shelves, used in book sales, or discarded in a manner determined by the Director or Branch Manager of the Williams County Public Library. All gifts must be unqualified. Materials not added to the collection will not be returned unless requested by the donor.

The Williams County Public Library will not determine a monetary value for gifts. The appraisal of a gift to the library for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor, since it is the donor who benefits from the tax deduction.

A Donated Materials Acknowledgement Form will be filled out when accepting gift donations so that thank you letters can be sent.

Any staff member can accept donations however, the Director or Branch Manager has final approval in deciding whether or not to add an item to the collection.

 Criteria for accepting donations: 

  • Books must be in good condition with no writing inside. There should be no stains, mildew or torn and yellowing pages.
  • Books that are dated, based upon the library Weeding Policy, will not be added to the collection.
  • Audio visual materials will be accepted if they are in good condition and meet with collection development criteria.
  • Used magazines will not be accepted.
  • It is the discretion of the library to decide if duplicate copies of materials will be added to the collection. Therefore, if a donated item is a duplicate of a book already housed by the library, the library has the authority to use the book in a book sale.
  • The library WILL NOT accept used books from patrons as replacements for lost or damaged books. The patron should pay the fine for the lost or damaged book or should replace the item with a new copy.


Approved: April 15, 2002


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